Monday, June 27, 2005

Brassidium flower shoot?

Brassidium flower shoot?
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Here is a picture of some new growth I noticed on my ebay Brassidium. It's growing out of a new pseudobulb and I think it is a flower shoot! I don't remember what time of year this plant is supposed to bloom at.

Coelogyne cristata hanging out

Here is a picture of the Coelogyne clipping I got last weekend. I decided to try it outside where it gets morning sun only and shade the rest of the day. Lots of breeze here too. This is the northeast corner of the house. It's not under any overhang either, so should get any rain that falls. There were two new pseudobulbs starting, so hopefully they will continue to grow after the plant adjusts to life outside after coming from a warm greenhouse. The pseudobulbs were quite shrivelled, which according to the culture sheet I posted last weekend, "indicates a need for more water".

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Black market orchid theft

The Independent (Online Edition) reported today that 12 southern marsh orchids (Dactylorhiza praetermissa) were stolen from a bog on the Wirral peninsula (situated in the north west of England, surrounded on three sides by the Irish Sea and the Rivers Dee and Mersey) in Clatterbridge, England. The article also mentions that "a two-inch high bog orchid, believed to be worth up to £5,000," was stolen earlier "from a secret site in a Norfolk nature reserve by wild flower dealers." Apparently "Norfolk is considered a hotspot for plant thefts.". The end of the article includes a list of plant species that attract thieves, including two species of orchids, southern marsh orchid, and lady's slipper.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Orchid bog declared ecological reserve

The CBC reported today that 820 hectares in Manitoba has been declared an ecological reserve, and will be known as Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve. "28 of the province's 36 native orchid species and eight insect-eating plants" grow in this bog. Pictures of some of the wild orchids found in this area as well as information on this history of this conservation project can be viewed here.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Corpse orchid (Bulbophyllum phalaenopis) about to bloom

"A Scottsville [New York] expert in exotic flowers is awaiting an odorous event — the first blooming of his rare corpse orchid", reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

James Marlow, of Marlow Orchids, has set up a webcam in his greenhouse so you can watch then event without smelling it! You can read more about Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis at the Marlow Orchids site, which states that:

"The Corpse Orchid, native to the steamy lowland jungles of Sumatra, attracts pollinators that are drawn to rotting flesh. The plant mimics the odor and appearance of carrion and relies on dung beetles and flesh flies to effect pollination. The fragrance is similar to that of the Corpse Flower (Arum Titan) that attracted so much attention back in 2003 when over 60,000 people stood in line at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington just to get a glimpse."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

White Egret Flower (Habenaria radiata)

I discovered a new orchid tonight - the White Egret Flower (Habenaria radiata). "The White Egret Flower is an Asian species exhibiting a beautiful and impressive pearly white flower with a broad heavily fringed lip that resembles an egret in flight." This information comes from The Wild Orchid Company site, where you can order Habenaria bulbs, although it doesn't look like you can order until late August. There is a picture of Habenaria radiata here and some information on growing Habaneria here.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Coelogyne cristata clipping

Coelogyne cristata clipping
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I went to check out a local orchid grower this afternoon in Chemainus, BC (Windowsill Orchids). There were lots of warm growing orchids - vandas, cattleyas, dendrobiums, ... Asked about paphiopedilums for Jenn, and she has some, mostly primary hybrids. No masdevallias, draculas, bulbophyllums, but that's okay. Prices range from $10-$25, but not too much is in bloom right now. Sue, the grower, gave me a Coelogyne clipping! It's a Coelogyne cristata. Here is a photo of what the flower will look like (fingers crossed) and some culture info. I'm thinking about trying the Coelogyne outside for the summer, since it is cool-growing. I'm going to put it far away from the Cymbidium which is under the plum tree right now and yesterday I noticed both white fly and green aphids in the very close vicinity.

Brassidium black spots

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I noticed yesterday that my brassidium has a couple patches of tiny black spots. I did a bit of research and read that "certain plants such as most Oncidium hybrids often get several small black spots on the leaves due to the sun. In this case it is natural spotting and will not harm the plant."
This info came from the Orchid Web FAQ section.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Marriott Orchids

I stumbled across Marriott Orchids last week while looking for information on wild orchids or orchid growers in and around Savannah, Georgia. Marriott Orchids is actually in North Carolina, not Georgia, however, the Deep South Orchid Society, based in Savannah, mentioned Marriott Orchids and that is how I ended up at their site.

If you're into Paphiopedilums you must check out Marriott Orchids, described as breeders "of complex paphiopedilums, with an emphasis on pinks and whites...also, select species and primaries."

Even if you can't make it to their greenhouses you'll find lots of fabulous pictures of plants to drool over. The Gaulois 'Blackout' AM/AOS (Goultenianum x rothschildianum, priced at $750USD for a division, definitely caught my eye!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Genus Grammatophyllum

An article from the Honolulu Advertiser posted on Friday describes the Grammatophyllum genus of orchids that can be grown outdoors in Hawaii. One species in particular, Grammatophyllum speciosum, has pseudobulbs that can grow upwards of 15 feet with 8-foot long flower stalks! Also known as the tiger orchid, this is the world's largest orchid.

"The largest single plant on record was exhibited in 1851 in the Crystal Palace in London. This monster weighed more than two tons!"

This weekend in Hawaii, the Aiea Orchid Society annual show and plant sale (Aiea, HI) is happening. According to the article there are always Grammatophyllum specimens on display at this show.

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has a Grammatophyllum speciosum specimen, which was donated in 1998 and bloomed for the first time in 2003. You can see pictures here.

More on new British field guide

Another article on David Lang's newly completed, full-colour guide to British orchids, this one from the BBC. This news article includes a slideshow with pictures of British wild orchids such as the bee orchid, fly orchid, monkey orchid, and lizard orchid. The book lists over 50 British species.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Orchid hotel

Heard of boarding your orchids? A news article published in California today describes how some orchid owners choose to see their plants only while they are in bloom, preferring to have someone else care for them in the interim. According to the article, "Cal Pacific Orchid Farm is one of a few orchid hotels in the county." Their site has been down for the last few days, but hopefully it will be up again soon. Room and board costs $1.50/month per plant.

New field guide to Britain's wild orchids

The Online Edition of the Independent is reporting that a new field guide to Britain's wild orchid species was published today. The new guide is entitled Britain's Orchids and is published by WILDGuides and authored by David Lang. According to Amazon UK, a hardcover edition of this book was published last summer.

Florist Phalaenopsis

White Phalaenopsis
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I popped into the local florist today to look at flowers for my sister's graduation tonight. I wanted to see what kind of marked down orchids they had and sure enough, there were some gorgeous white phalaenopses that were significantly reduced in price as the blooms are quite old. The flowers measure upwards of 12cm across! There were two white plants so I bought both of them, one for me that is almost finished blooming and one as a gift for my sister with three blooms still quite intact. I was at this same shop a few weeks ago and spotted an aging Oncidium which I asked about today. It is completely finished blooming now, and may have been retired to the shop's greenhouse, so I am to call back tomorrow and if it is still around, I can probably have it for $12.99.

Cattleya arrives

2005 June 002
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My ebay cattleya (Brassolaeliocattleya Pokay Tangerine X Chocolate Sun) arrived safe and sound by mail on Tuesday. It's so exciting opening up a box with orchid(s) inside! This is a picture of it before being potted in its new home.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Orchid rediscovered after more than 100 years

The "moss-loving orchid", Cranicus mucosa, was recently rediscovered in Fakahatchee Strand after having not been seen for over 100 years. According to an article in the Naples Daily News (requires free registration), park biologist Michael Owen returned to the site in February 2005 where the orchid was spotted a year earlier "and found more than 150 moss-loving orchids growing over a 5-acre area."

Currently, renowned photographer Rick Cruz is exhibiting photos of Cranicus muscosa as well as the ghost orchid (Polyradicion lindenii) in Miami Beach. The exhibit is entitled "Lost for 100 years". If you can't make it to Miami Beach this month, you can view Rick's Fakahatchee Strand Endangered Plants photos on his website.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bulbophyllum culture

Following up on my last post (Bulbophyllum), not too long ago I found this information which I thought I would share:

"Bulbophyllums in general require high light [30% shade] and lots of water. If they are mounted on a slab, they need lots of sphagnum underneath to hold water. A treefurn plaque would be better than a cork plaque. I usually tie them into plastic baskets with a thick cushion of sphagnum underneath. They should be watered at least once a day, ie the medium should never be allowed to dry out completely."

Source: Dr. Bert Pressman, East Everglades Orchids Society

I happened upon this information while browsing the Orchid Culture Q & A section of the East Everglades Orchids Society, which has some great information - definitely worth a look.

Bulbophyllum lasiochilum - Yay it's growing!

I discovered today while watering my Bulb. lasiochilum that it is actually growing! I had been watching it daily since acquiring the cutting in early April in anticipation of any new growth, but I couldn't tell if it was doing anything. Today I noticed that a new bulb is growing, so I am very excited! I suppose it must be happy enough in its present conditions. Here is a closeup of the new growth.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My first Cattleya

I tried to win an ebay auction for Jenn for a Paph. that she was watching but I was outbid. However, while monitoring Jenn's auction, I decided to also bid on a Cattleya I had seen before - Cattleya (Brassolaeliocattleya) Pokay Tangerine X Chocolate Sun. It's near bloom size and I paid $6 for it. Should be arriving soon via Canada Post from Vancouver, same place we purchased our Brassidiums from. Jenn actually bought one of these Cattleyas last month.