Friday, June 03, 2005

Bulbophyllum culture

Following up on my last post (Bulbophyllum), not too long ago I found this information which I thought I would share:

"Bulbophyllums in general require high light [30% shade] and lots of water. If they are mounted on a slab, they need lots of sphagnum underneath to hold water. A treefurn plaque would be better than a cork plaque. I usually tie them into plastic baskets with a thick cushion of sphagnum underneath. They should be watered at least once a day, ie the medium should never be allowed to dry out completely."

Source: Dr. Bert Pressman, East Everglades Orchids Society

I happened upon this information while browsing the Orchid Culture Q & A section of the East Everglades Orchids Society, which has some great information - definitely worth a look.


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