Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Orchids @ Volunteer Park Conservatory

I was in Seattle this weekend and took a trip to the Seattle Department of Parks Volunteer Park Conservatory. The 6200 foot greenhouse houses a number of different types of plants, including a few orchids. The conservatory brochure states that "The Conservatory works with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife as a rescue center for plants illegally brought into this country", so you know that has to be how they obtained at least a few of their orchids!

Here is a picture of some of the orchids, ironically behind bars in the conservatory. My favourite was a Coelogyne lawrenceana, pictured above, which had a lovely scent.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's That Time of Year When....

Calypso bulbosa is starting to come into flower. It grows in shady areas and has single dark green leaves that hug the ground. The flower spike emerges in early spring and produces a single lovely pink/purlple flower. I have seen dark purple forms all the way to almost white albino varieties. This is a tough species that can be found throughout North America, North Asia, Europe and Scandenavia. So if you get a chance to hike in the forests in the next couple of weeks, keep your eyes peeled for a splash of pink near the ground and you might be lucky and spot Calypso bulbosa.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Orchid thanks!

Just a quick note re. our blog making the Blogger Blogs of Note honour roll - here we are listed for Monday, March 13, 2006!

Thanks so much to Blogger for the recognition, and to everyone who took the time to visit our site and leave us comments. You guys are great!

Monday, April 03, 2006

New orchids arriving this week!

I went a little crazy on ebay last weekend and after meaning only to buy one plant, ended up buying three! They should be arriving here, hopefully safe and sound, within the next couple of days. I'm very excited and it will definitely be a highlight of my week.

I am awaiting the arrival of a Paphinia herrerae (culture info), a Phalaenopsis schilleriana (note the foliage, and an article about this orchid from the Philippine Orchid Society), and a clipping of a Maxillaria tenuifolia. I haven't had time to give much thought yet to the specifics of their potting media, pots, locations, etc., but I guess I should start on that!

Stay tuned for some pics of the new arrivals!