Monday, April 03, 2006

New orchids arriving this week!

I went a little crazy on ebay last weekend and after meaning only to buy one plant, ended up buying three! They should be arriving here, hopefully safe and sound, within the next couple of days. I'm very excited and it will definitely be a highlight of my week.

I am awaiting the arrival of a Paphinia herrerae (culture info), a Phalaenopsis schilleriana (note the foliage, and an article about this orchid from the Philippine Orchid Society), and a clipping of a Maxillaria tenuifolia. I haven't had time to give much thought yet to the specifics of their potting media, pots, locations, etc., but I guess I should start on that!

Stay tuned for some pics of the new arrivals!


At 3:43 p.m., Blogger jenn@WCOE said...

I am on the cork slab hunt and have found a possible vendor out of Vancouver. Emailed her and am waiting for a reply. Would you like to combine an order? Let me know. I cannot believe you purchased 3 more orchids you orchid-aholic. Save room for mine!!

At 6:38 p.m., Blogger Naomi @ WCOE said...

Sure, I can probably use a couple of slabs of cork, will have to figure out which ones to mount (maybe 3, actually) and what size of cork slabs I need, does this vendor have slab size options? I'll call you!

At 6:39 p.m., Blogger Naomi @ WCOE said...

ps - of course I'll save room for your orchids while you are overseas!

At 11:34 a.m., Blogger ManaNina said...

Just a note on the Max. tenuifolia.... I've had, let's just say "issues" with mine on cork. (It's the upward-trailing var.) It's just been impossible to keep that one root site humid enough. It's in a bark mix now, and seems happier.


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