Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter orchid blooms

I arrived home in time to enjoy my Coel. cristata's first ever bloom, and it's so beautiful! Nice scent too, smells kind of cinnamony to me. I'm so happy that after receiving this plant as a clipping almost 5 years ago it has finally bloomed!

Also in bloom right now for the first time since leaving Victoria is my Zygopetalum X, with it's heady lily-like perfume. Between these two plants they are definitely spicing up the kitchen right now!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finally, my Coelogyne cristata is in bloom!!

A very exciting development from my little orchid corner of the world ... a Coelogyne cristata clipping that I got in June 2005 is finally in bloom! The flowers haven't opened yet but I am hoping, fingers crossed, that the bloom is successful.

I was a little worried last week upon returning home from being away in Quebec City for a few days over the holidays that maybe the spike was dying. I had turned the heat off in the house, not expecting it to get that cold inside, and when we came back it was 8C! Luckily all the orchids seem fine, despite the brownish colour of the sheath on the Coelogyne spike, it's still growing and developing!

Now it's just fingers crossed that it opens in the next 5 days because I'm headed away again to Boston for work next weekend. I can't wait to see the flowers and check out the scent, hopefully before I leave!