Friday, November 11, 2011

Lepanthes woodburyana in situ!

Once again I am long overdue for a blog post! I am excited to be writing today about a trip to El Yunque National Forest I did at the end of October while on vacation in Puerto Rico.

We did an afternoon hike through the rainforest and I kept my eyes peeled for signs of orchids growing in the wild. I saw many bromeliads and what I believe were a couple of Pleurothalids that didn't appear to be in bloom. Luckily we had a guide who pointed out a tiny orchid in bloom - Lepanthes woodburyana, also known as babyboot orchid an apparently quite a common orchid. The flowers are super small but have are very brightly coloured.

Our trip to El Yunque happened to be on my birthday, so it was a great birthday gift to spot this endemic wild orchid in bloom!

More pictures and information of Lepanthes woodburyana here and here.