Tuesday, August 25, 2009

National Geographic feature article on orchids

The September 2009 National Geographic issue features an article on orchids, specifically orchid mimicry, written by Michael Pollan with photographs by Christian Ziegler.

Check out the amazing photo gallery that accompanies this article and has some fantastic shots!

Monday, August 03, 2009

New nature series: The wild orchid man

How exciting is this! A new nature series, Wild Orchid Man, follows

"Stig Dalström, noted orchid curator, botanist, artist and author, and filmmaker Darryl Saffer, as they explore exotic terrain from South America to Bhutan searching for wild orchids in the pursuit of important knowledge about their continued survival in an increasingly hostile world."

The pilot episode is set in the "Ghost Orchid Swamp" and pilot screenings will be held starting tonight in Florida. For more details see link to series website above.

You can support this "first educational series focused on wild orchids and their ecosystems" by purchasing the pilot episode on DVD for $25.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blog: Florida's native orchids

Prem Subrahmanyam has created a blog about Florida's native orchids. He's got some pictures and updates on the ghost orchid that has recently bloomed on a bald cypress tree in the Corkscrew Swamp, just outside Naples.

The blog includes information about Ghost Orchid special hotel rates. This post is a bit late, but Prem reports that as of July 20, there were nine blooms on the ghost in the Corkscrew with five more buds yet to open on the plant, which came into bloom on July 7.