Sunday, November 30, 2008

Orchid shortage for Hawaiian leis

The Honolulu Star Bulletin is reporting that an orchid lei shortage might very well hit the Hawaiian islands this week. The reason is a crisis in Thailand that has shut down the Bangkok airport:

"Hawaii may run out of orchid leis next week as a result of the political crisis in Thailand, which has shut down the international airport in Bangkok and crippled the import of flowers to the state."

The shortage apparently comes at a good time since lei sales will be slow until University of Hawaii graduation ceremonies in December.

Gongora summer bloom

One of the few blooms I had this past summer was my Gongora. I am still not positive if it is a Gongora armeniaca or a galeata. It didn't have as many spikes as it has in past years - only one this year - but I did divide the main plant up so I am happy that it bloomed!