Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Toronto orchid update

Well, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of plants to post to the blog as nothing is in bloom right now. I don't think anything has been in bloom since the Bulb. lasiochilum that started blooming on our road trip across the country at the end of September. Most of my orchid energies of late have gone into regularly misting the orchid room and checking the humidity and temperature readings to make sure the room isn't too cold and that there is enough humidity for the plants. It sure is a lot drier here than on the west coast!

I had been planning on an orchid shopping trip to a greenhouse just outside of Toronto to buy some paphs to bring back to BC when I fly out to visit this week. However, there was a big snow storm the weekend we were going to go out to the greenhouse and so alas the trip will have to wait until we get closer to spring.

I am going to be brining the rest of my plants back when I return in early January. Sasha has been looking after my species while we get settled in to Toronto. I am planning on buying a shelf from IKEA to put in the orchid room so that I have more space for the rest of my plants, and I am still on the lookout for some humidity trays. I'll post some pictures of my Toronto orchid setup in January.

Happy holidays to all!