Thursday, May 03, 2007

Local wild orchids: Calypso bulbosa in bloom

Calypso bulbosa
Originally uploaded by meadow moon.
Sasha and I went for an early morning hike this week to see some local orchids in bloom. We came across many patches of Calypso bulbosa in full bloom and a few patches that were nearing the end of their blooms. Also saw the first signs of two other native orchids, Goodyera and Platanthera.

E-Flora BC has a list of 36 wild orchids that can be found in British Columbia, with some photographs as well as links to further orchid resources. One of the orchids listed is Cephalanthera austiniae, the phantom orchid. Here is an image. Could it be true that they flower only once every 17 years? Anyone ever seen one?

Here is a feature article on the phantom orchid from the Native Plant Society of British Columbia newsletter, Menziesia.


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