Saturday, May 20, 2006

My first orchid species to rebloom!

Well, I have officially rebloomed my first orchid species. It's my Restrepia antennifera, a gift from Sasha. It was in bloom when I received it at the the beginning of September, and it spent the winter in the bathroom growing lots of new leaves. It had a bud on it when we left for Toronto and when we arrived home, luckily, it was still in bloom (must have opened just a couple days before we came back, as the blooms only last 2 or 3 days). It has 2 new buds on it now. Here is a picture from last August when it was in bloom.

Also, I'm very excited, the Gongora I brought back from Ontario last summer is in spike (see below). The buds should open within the next few days, and there is another spike just starting to develop now! Of course, technically the first orchid species to bud in my collection was the Bulb. lasiochilum, but the bud dropped before the flower bloomed, so alas it does not count! Crossing my fingers that the Gongora blooms open no problem. Also, there is a special species in my collection that is showing signs of blooming, and I won't mention it just yet so as not to jinx it, but stay tuned!


At 4:46 p.m., Blogger Sasha@WCOE said...

Congrats on the Restrepia : )

Your Gongora is a real nice sized plant... can't wait to see the flowers.
Am sending positive vibes to your mystery plant : )


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