Saturday, July 30, 2005

Orchids that have recently bloomed in my home

Paphiopedilum argus is a recent addition to my collection, selected and bought from the Victoria Orchid Society show in spring of 2005. The single blooming slipper orchids are my favorite, I find them stately and very elegant. Also a part of my collection is Paphiopedilum sukhakulii.

Brassia Eternal Wind "Summers Dream" was a house warming gift that was in spike when I received it. A beautiful spider orchid with the most interesting smelling flowers (like fermenting honey?). Unfortunately once the blooms fell off, so did most of the leaves. I am now slowly nursing it back to health.

Colmanara Wildcat "Gold Ring" has an interesting genetic history: it is a cross between 2 other hybrids (Odontonia x Odontocidium). If the driving force for hybridization is to produce viable, healthy plants that bloom frequently and are easy to take care of then this one is surely a success.


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