Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brassavola digbyana

I have nothing in bloom in my collection right now, and no recent sightings of orchids in the wild, so I had to search elsewhere for pictorial content for the blog!

Thanks to Flickr and Creative Commons licensing, I found this nice shot of Rhyncholaelia digbyana alba ’Mrs Chase’AM/AOS taken by Flickr photographer Scott Wilson.

I have a fairly young Rhyncholaelia digbyana (Brassavola digbyana) in my collection which I purchased last May from Schreiber's Orchids. It has a new shoot on it, so at least, unlike a number of other plants in my collection, it seems to be doing alright. I do tend to water it less than other plants so perhaps that is its saving grace.

Maybe one day it will grow up to flower like the plant in this picture! I have read that the flowers have a lemony scent.