Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blog updates and Borneo showcase

Today I found a little bit of time to do some orchid blog spring cleaning. I have added a new blog to the Orchid blog list - Orchidaceous Blog, which features lots of regular and informative orchid posts. I have also made a few other little changes like banishing the Orchid Wishlists which were pretty stagnant for a long time!

I would also like to recommend taking a look at some of Eric Hunt's Orchid Species Photographs, including his showcase of an orchid expedition to Borneo last year. Eric has some great pictures of orchid species, as well as pictures of other flora of the area, including nepenthes as well as photos of scenery in the area (Sarawak, Sabah, Malaysia). I think I have at least one other blog post about Mount Kinabalu and it would definitely be an amazing place to visit for orchid enthusiasts!


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