Friday, October 05, 2007

Orchids on the move!

Well, my west coast orchid collection has been temporarily disbanded! I've relocated to Toronto for awhile, and have had to split up my collection while we search for a new home. I have left a box of 15 species in Sasha's care - thanks, Sasha! Below is a picture of the plants I left in Sasha's care. I miss them!

I also shipped about one dozen hardier hybrid plants via Canada Post regular mail. I wrapped them in paper and piled them inside a big box. Included were a Cymbidium, Zygopetalum, some Maxillarias and Brassidiums, as well as a Cattleya. The plants have arrived and seem to have survived about 10 days with no light and water with no problem! I think Canada Post even kept the box upright the whole time, so I am pretty impressed.

The third small patch of plants came along with us on our drive across the country. These were small plants that needed daily water. These plants seem to have survived their journey as well, and one of them, the Bulb. lasiochilum, even has a bud on it now!


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