Sunday, May 27, 2007

Orchid update for Jenn - Pt. 1

Maxillaria ochroleuca
Originally uploaded by meadow moon
I'm finally getting around to doing another post for the blog, and since a number of Jenn's plants are in bloom, I thought I would showcase them here.

First, we have Jenn's new Maxillaria ochroleuca, a recent arrival from Brazil. I was very surprised to discover a couple of weeks ago that the plant was in bloom. It started with 2 flowers, and now has a total of 8 that are in / have bloomed. The flowers have a very strong fruity smell. One of the reasons I bought these plants was because the flowers were described as having a tutti frutti smell and I would say that they definitely do! The flowers don't seem to open in their entirety until they are starting to turn brown, as you can see from the image.


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