Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello all Thank you to Naomi, Sasha and Jenn for inviting me to contribute. I was surprised to find out that Sasha, a fellow co-worker was bit by the orchid growing bug and I think he was equally surprised that I had been a collector. Had been is the best way to describe my involvment since I am now re-establishing a modest collection now that I am somewhat stable. In my early twenties I began my love affair, at one time had 27 varieties and was a member of the local society. Many moves and changing enviroments took its toll and I was forced to give up my plants to one of my relatives that I thought could give them proper care. He had been starting a collection of his own, but when I visited years later I found that he had many pest problems and the plants were suffering. So I have now been energized to bring the survivors back to health! I will be posting the images I have as I find them and hopefully as my plants get established, I will be contributing as they bloom.

enjoy Calanthe Rosea, bloom from last spring



At 3:14 p.m., Blogger Funkybrewster said...

Very excited to have you on board and hear all about your collection!


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