Saturday, December 10, 2005

What is OrchidWiz Encyclopedia 1.0?

An article from December 8th reports that Fans of Orchids Embrace New Orchid Database Software: "Around the world, orchid aficionados are greeting the new software OrchidWiz Encyclopedia 1.0 with overwhelming enthusiasm."

You can read about what the OrchidWiz Encyclopedia software does on the OrchidWiz web site. Briefly, "OrchidWiz Encyclopedia contains more than 30 different analysis windows, providing the most complete and accurate information on orchid species and hybrids ever assembled." The CD-ROM product contains information on
--More than 125,000 hybrids.
--Over 9,400 species.
--Photographic references for almost 7,000 species.
--Geographical distributions of 8,800 species.
--Cultivation recommendations for over 99% of all hybrids, based on species composition.
And much more!

The company that developed OrchidWiz Encyclopedia is also in the process of developing "OrchidWiz Journal, an orchid journal with photo-capture and album-creation capabilities."


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