Monday, December 12, 2005

New flower spikes and pseudobulbs!

I never really expect my orchids to do much growing in the winter time, especially in a area that's plagued with rain and overcast skies for most of the season. In my collection there are some that have definitly entered their dormant phase (Phalaenopsis for example), some that are slowing down (the Brassias) but also some that are keen on giving me a New Years surprise.

This is new growth on my little Neofinetia falcata. The first photo shows 2 different growths (can you see them?) in the leaf axils. The second photo is of new growth that has been growing very slowly since August or September. Does anyone have Neofinetia advice for me? I read that the plant braches from the base and flower spikes emerge from the leaf axils, but would I get multiple inflorescences growing at one time?

I received Psychopsis papilio as a wedding present from Naomi in October. Since then it has either been in bloom or with a new bud emerging, which is what it does in the wild. I guess that means its happy and adapted to my bathroom window sill quite well! I also recently saw what looks like 2 new pseudobulbs forming, unless one is another inflorescence!

This is an emerging flower spike I had originally assumed was new growth. The plant is a "grocery store" Cymbidium hybrid I bought for a good price last spring because it had a dying flower spike on it. I can't wait to see the blooms in their full splendor!

Which orchids are blooming/going to bloom in your home right now?


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