Thursday, June 09, 2005

Florist Phalaenopsis

White Phalaenopsis
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I popped into the local florist today to look at flowers for my sister's graduation tonight. I wanted to see what kind of marked down orchids they had and sure enough, there were some gorgeous white phalaenopses that were significantly reduced in price as the blooms are quite old. The flowers measure upwards of 12cm across! There were two white plants so I bought both of them, one for me that is almost finished blooming and one as a gift for my sister with three blooms still quite intact. I was at this same shop a few weeks ago and spotted an aging Oncidium which I asked about today. It is completely finished blooming now, and may have been retired to the shop's greenhouse, so I am to call back tomorrow and if it is still around, I can probably have it for $12.99.


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