Thursday, June 23, 2005

Corpse orchid (Bulbophyllum phalaenopis) about to bloom

"A Scottsville [New York] expert in exotic flowers is awaiting an odorous event — the first blooming of his rare corpse orchid", reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

James Marlow, of Marlow Orchids, has set up a webcam in his greenhouse so you can watch then event without smelling it! You can read more about Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis at the Marlow Orchids site, which states that:

"The Corpse Orchid, native to the steamy lowland jungles of Sumatra, attracts pollinators that are drawn to rotting flesh. The plant mimics the odor and appearance of carrion and relies on dung beetles and flesh flies to effect pollination. The fragrance is similar to that of the Corpse Flower (Arum Titan) that attracted so much attention back in 2003 when over 60,000 people stood in line at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington just to get a glimpse."


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